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Nov 24

Social groups 4 Sexual Minorities

We organize Social events more often and you can be part of us!

Our social meetings are held every 2nd Saturday of the Month and the last Saturday of the month; during these meetings, we offer asylum support advise to African LGBTI who are in their procedures. We also bring together other refugees of African descent to meet up and interact with one another, we have been holding these meet ups for 2 and a half years and our numbers have more than doubled.

Activities in our Meetups:

  • Socializing with other LGBTI
  • Legal Advise
  • Health support
  • LGBT rights and advocacy
  • Social events & outings
  • Workshops and presentation on LGBT rights

The above and many other activities are done based on schedule and timing.



Anyone Can Be a Volunteer. Also You

Nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide, are discriminated based on their sexuality, we would like you to join us in the Netherlands,
to change the attitudes and perception of the masses towards LGBTI people in Africa.

Become A Volunteer

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